Friday, 21 August 2015

Cuba: More Street Art from Havana

Here's a small collection of street art from Havana for you to enjoy.  What I love about so much of it is its placing and the way it plays with the features of its environment (the window above and the fish tail below).

You could spend days wandering the streets of Cuba's capital discovering the often skilfull work that artists have shared in this way.  For me, it's yet another reminder of the importance of creativity, of expressing it and sharing it.  Art is about expressing one's humanity and seems brave and inspiring displayed here on its crumbling canvas.

Sometimes it has an opinion to express, sometimes it comes from a deep emotional well, other times it's playful.  In all cases, I felt, it signalled resilience and determination.  All of the pieces have signatures but I don't know who the artists are.  I think, however, that they intended to share.

If I found these daubed on buildings in London, I think I would react very differently.  In fact, I'm sure I would.  Here it seemed to me that they were intended to instil a note of cheerfulness, optimism or to provoke thoughtfulness about their situation.  For me that made all the difference.

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