Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Cuba. Signor Braulio's Original Photographs of Havana

At 253 Calle Empedrado in Old Havana you will find a fascinating photography shop.  It is owned and run by Signor Braulio who has been taking photographs of Havana and all around Cuba for over fifty years.

Signor Braulio is an experienced and skilled photographer and the collection of prints he has for sale is wonderful.  He loves them like grandchildren and delights in telling the stories that accompany their birth.

He is a humble and a generous man, happy to share his anecdotes and only too pleased to give tips on photography and the places to go for some of the best shots.

No matter how keen a photographer you are, you will simply not have the opportunity to see the things Signor Braulio has seen.  He has spent his life capturing moments in Havana and he has clearly loved every minute of it.  So if you would like a holiday 'souvenir', a genuine memento of Cuba, I doubt you'll do better than buying one of his pictures.

We brought home two photographs.  One, Signor Braulio's personal favourite of the moment, a shot of boys playing cricket in a monsoon drenched street.  The other, an historic black and white photograph of Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and other revolutionaries striding triumphantly through Havana's streets in 1959.      

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