Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Cuba: The Fabulous Fish of Havana

This fabulous fish was swimming along a wall in Havana.   I love its aqua tones and the look of wonder and joy on its face.  In fact, looking at those big eyes and the pout of its lips, I wonder if that fish is in love!

What makes the fish even more special is the pond where it is swimming.    
Take a look at the wall underneath the colonnade.  There is the joyful fish, swimming behind the white chair.  And in case you are wondering, people are living in the buildings around this tiny courtyard in Havana despite the fact that you can see daylight through the windows on the top storey.

Here are two more views. They show the wood and metal props keeping the buildings up, the jumble of wiring that brings power to the apartments, the water storage barrels, the DIY passageways that lead across from one section to another.  This is home to many people, and just beyond the facade tourists like me are strolling on a pretty square and about to choose a restaurant for the evening.

The fabulous fish has set me thinking about creativity: about how important it is for each and every one of us human beings to express ourselves creatively.  I'm convinced we all have a talent and that there is great joy to be had in exercising and sharing it, however humble we think it may be, and however hard life may be.  
It seems wondrous that in the midst of such difficult living, someone has created a beautiful smiling fish.  They have created it for joy and for the joy it brings others.  They have created it in spite of such difficulty.  I find it inspiring.  

Such creativity has ripple effects that we can hardly imagine.  At the moment someone very dear to us is recovering in hospital.  She it was, looking through Andrew's photographs, that really drew my attention to the fabulous fish.  She loves it.

Who would have thought that a fish drawn on a wall in a derelict building in Havana could make someone in a UK hospital smile.    

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