Friday, 2 October 2015

Confluentia by Bina Baitel at L'Eau: Exposition de Tapisseries, Eglise du Chateau de Felletin, Limousin

Confluentia: Bina Baitel 
When you're travelling, there seems to be more time and space for curiosity.  If an exhibition of tapestry opened in my local town, I doubt I'd find the time to drop in.   In Felletin, I did.  L'eau: Exposition de Tapisseries at L'Eglise du Chateau de Felletin runs until 31st October. 

What a fantastic eye-opener to modern tapestry.  It blew away all of my preconceptions about tapestry as dusty, faded carpets that hang on walls (and I have a horror of dusty, faded carpets!)

Amongst the stunning pieces was Confluentia by Bina Baitel, my favourite.  I find it sensuous.  Feel the cool water as you dip in your toe, hear the splash as you jump right in!  I love the flowing movement of the piece, can imagine the rush of the water.  As for the aqua colour palette, it gives me goose bumps!  I absolutely love it!

Who'd have thought you could get all that from tapestry!  Follow the link above to the Bina Baitel website where a series of maquettes illuminate the piece and show how it flows from more traditional roots.      
Felletin is the shy sister to Aubusson, the French town world-renowned for its tapestry, although it has an equally long tradition of tapestry and all things 'woolly'.  It was in Felletin, at the Pinton Freres workshops, that Coventry Cathedral's 'Christ in Glory' tapestry, designed by Graham Sutherland, was woven.

It is known as the gateway to the Millevaches National Park.  It holds an annual exhibition of tapestry in the glorious 15th century gothic church and an annual wool festival.  

I did rather fall for its modest charms.

All photos © Andrew Holman.

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