Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Red squirrel power: an antidote to blogger's block

Back home after a fortnight spent in France, the country that steals another piece of my heart every time I visit, I have a touch of blogger's block this morning.  I'm wondering what 'the hopeful traveller' is all about.

For many months my blog writing has been Cuba powered.  Perhaps my best piece of travel writing to date, The Soul Loves to Sing, is set there. If Cuba can't set a writer alight, then where in the world can? But I've always felt that the hopeful traveller is about more than actually travelling.  Perhaps it's post travel restlessness, perhaps it's September which is, they say, the new January: a time for fresh directions. I'm wondering where to go next.  Not literally, you understand.    

So while I ponder, I'm falling back on the infallible charm of red squirrels.  It might seem random, but these chaps are scurrying all over the forests of the Limousin where I've been scurrying too with my trusty photographer.

Squirrels provide a lesson in focus and being in the moment.  For them, right now is the moment to collect as many nuts as possible.  It's as simple as that.  Stand and watch them springing through the trees on this mission and you too can't imagine life is about anything more important either.              

Kelly Holman

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