Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A rainbow of Cuban cars

All the world loves Cuba's cars.  They have become the island's trademark and its major tourist attraction.  I was surprised to find myself falling in love with them too; I am no petrol head.  Today, I am sharing a rainbow of them and in putting them together, I can see exactly why I loved them: they are so bright, so vibrant, so shapely.  They put fun and colour into the everyday of life.    
Red: luscious lips, strawberries, Rudolf's red nose.
Orange: autumn leaves, fire, sienna

Yellow: sick as a parrot
Green: pistachios, lime, my sister's favourite colour

Blue: sky, sea, toes on warm sand

Indigo: passion and hope
Violet: Shrinking

Pink:  Sometimes a Dodge, sometimes even a Cadillac but not technically a colour of the rainbow!

All of the photos were taken by Andrew Holman

Photos © Andrew Holman.

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