Friday, 17 April 2015

Cuba: Down the Havana rubbish hole

With so many wonderful sights and sounds and smells in this most vibrant of cities, it may seem petty for me to focus on a pothole full of rubbish.  I want to tempt you to visit and experience Cuba for yourself, not put you off!

As you are researching your trip, you will come across countless references to the poor condition of the streets, to the holes that are waiting for you to drop into; potholes, drains with no covers, trenches being dug to replace the water mains.  The permutations are endless. The result, if you drop down one of them, could spoil your trip.  I saw so many people, tourists and locals alike, with sprained wrists and ankles, the result, most likely, of tripping over or falling down hazards like this.

So the advice to carry a torch is good advice.  You might see them coming in the day, but at night, with very little street lighting, these monsters may just swallow you whole.  And that's without taking into account the mojito effect!

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