About 'The Hopeful Traveller'

My name is Kelly Holman.  I like to think travelling hopefully is a state of mind, an approach to life in general so that the simplest things, however close to home, can reveal a special quality.

That said, there's nothing quite like a travel adventure to make you feel alive!

I started this blog after an incredible three week trip to Cuba with my husband, Andrew Holman, a photographer.  We spent much of the time in Havana, the most vibrant of cities.  

Andrew's pictures capture everyday life in full Caribbean colour. I hope you enjoy them. 

The Hopeful Traveller has moved on since then.  I am keen to share my journey in a more personal vein.  Each of us has our own path.  Mine has had unexpected twists and great sadness in the traumatic loss of my sister and the long term illness of my mother.  She is in the advanced stages of dementia.  I have an incredibly fortunate life, blessed in so many ways, but I sometimes feel defined by these painful losses.  My desire is to 'overcome' them through creativity, through pursuing my dream of being a writer and through fostering a more mindful, hopeful approach to life.  I feel moved to write about this journey not because it's special but because I think it's probably rather common to so many of us.  

Please keep reading.  That's what makes it worthwhile.  And if you have the time to comment, well that always makes my day.       

The hopeful traveller photographer, Andrew Holman, on the other side of the lens!
Andrew has thousands of photos from Cuba in his collection, most still to be published.  If you would like to see more, keep an eye on his Beagletorque Daily Cuba photo blog where there are fresh pictures, - you guessed -, every day!  It's developing quite a following!  

Thank you.  Kelly x


  1. What, no comments? I fell into your blog by accident, following a link on Trip Advisor about getting tickets to the National Ballet. I love your writing and photos. Just returned from leading a group photo tour to Cuba and can't wait to do it again next April. Your blog is fabulous! I'm taking notes for next time. Thank you for posting all this valuable information, as well as really giving me the feel of how it is in Cuba. Love it!

    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for your lovely comments! I am so glad you are enjoying the blog. it's such fun to write and there are so many more photos and thoughts to share.

      It sounds as if you too had a fabulous time in Cuba. What a fascinating place, isn't it? And for photographers ... paradise! Good luck with the planning for next year. Kelly x

  2. Hello Kelly, I too found your fabulous blog from the link on TA. I have bookmarked it for future reference. Your info about the ballet matinee is exactly what my heart was searching for to make my Havana time extraordinary. I would also like to contact your Havana guide. Unfortunately, I will have to go the last week in August, and hope not too perish in the heat. Many many thanks.
    PS - Hope there are ballet performances that week.

    1. Thank you so much Gail - and twice is definitely better than not at all by the way :) ! I am so excited for you, contemplating a trip to Havana, and I do hope you are able to see the ballet. You have obviously found the details for Alexis on my 'Meet My Havana - Cristo de la Habana' piece. I hope you don't perish in the heat either! Take care of yourself and have a fabulous time. Let me know whether you get to the ballet x