Tuesday, 10 November 2015

For the Rest of my Life

Inspired by a poem about life by Nadine Stair called 'If I had my Life to Live Over', I've written my own.

I take myself way too seriously but this has been fun.

Here it is:

For the rest of my life
my pleasures will not be guilty.
Instead I’ll dress them in silk and wear them daily,
To enjoy their beauty and their rustle.

I will shed years like snake skin,
And, childlike, let curiosity lead to the joy of the new.
I won’t push fearfully at my boundaries,
I’ll tickle them to let me through.

In summer I’ll read in the garden, in winter by the fire.
At night I’ll go out in pyjamas to gaze at Orion.
Unless they mend their ways and agree to rehabilitation,
I’ll send ‘Should’ and ‘Mustn’t’ down.   

The world is full of problems I alone can't solve,
so I'll try to make ripples by skimming small stones
and as I watch them spreading ever outward
Imagine they are carrying with them love. 

I will tell stories.  Oh yes, I’ll tell stories;
the ones that are destined for my voice alone.
On every southerly breeze and in the rustle of the trees
they whisper of cartwheeling giants and lizards that sneeze.

I’ll whoop if I learn to stand on my head
or laugh if I come tumbling down instead.
There’s no learning in life without tumbling, no tumbling without trying 
and tumbling is what turns life into a kaleidoscope.

For the rest of my life,
my pleasures and I will not be guilty.  
We’ll be unashamedly, riotously, laughingly, 
lovingly, curiously, eccentrically 

Kelly Holman  

I have to confess that I have written and re-written this and it morphs into something different
each time although the essence stays the same.  So, knowing it is still not 'perfect' in poetic terms, I'm sharing it anyway.  That's one of my life lessons - not to wait for things to be perfect: it will be a long wait!  My only advice, if you're going to write a poem like Nadine Stair's (or mine), is not to take it too seriously.  This is not about loading pressure on to yourself to be someone different or 'better', it's about tuning in to who you really are.  

Much love    

Kelly x

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